Is Blue Tea Good For Memory?

Is Blue Tea Good For Memory? Is it Nootropic?

Is Blue Tea Good For Memory?

We all know how Nootropic supplements have taken the entire Silicon Valley by storm. 

Employees working under competitive environments and stressful workloads of many Silicon Valley tech firms are trying to find ways to get ahead. Even if it means looking past standard energy-boosters like coffee or Red Bull and delving into magical pills with the hope to boost one's cognitive abilities almost as if an enthralling story coming right out of those sci-fi movies.

Much like how actor Bradley Cooper played a character who took a pill and his focus went from zero to 100 in the movie “Limitless,” there are some saying the effects of nootropic supplements are nonfiction. Countless users on Reddit swear by these Nootropic pills, praising benefits from “increased focus” to “mental stimulation.”

But is it really possible? Let's address the most exciting question in this article now. Is Blue Tea Nootropic? Can it actually be a natural substitute for all these pills? For that, first, we need to know what is Nootropic. Let’s find out.

What is Nootropic? 

According to WebMD, the term nootropics refers to any natural or synthetic substance thought to have a positive effect on mental ability. In healthy people, these brain boosters have the potential to enhance short-term memory, focus, creativity, and more. In a way, anything that has the potential to enhance cognitive abilities is known as Nootropics.

Ayurveda and Blue Tea:

Blue Tea is made from the natural Shankhpushpi Flowers of the plant often known as Morning Glory in the west. The flowers (Pushpa) of this plant resemble the shape of a conch shell (Shankh), giving the name Shankhpushpi. The mention of the plant dates back to the Acharya Charak, an Ayurvedic text from 200 BC. All classical Ayurvedic texts categorize Shankhpushpi as a “Medhya”, or brain tonic. Ayurvedic practitioners consider it to be a special gift from nature. Yogis love this plant for its ability to deepen their meditation while instilling serenity and calmness.

Blue Tea & Memory Boosting properties:

Blue tea has garnered a lot of interest across the world and this can be attributed to the memory-boosting properties it has. Studies have shown that the Blue Pea flowers assist memory and brain function as they help increase Acetylcholine (a Neurotransmitter).

Regular consumption of Blue Pea tea helps in increasing Nootropic activity in the brain and increasing Acetylcholine (ACh) content in the body. These can boost memory, creativity, motivation & cognitive function. A traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, Butterfly Pea flowers have been consumed for centuries as a memory enhancer, brain booster, anti-stress and calmative agent. They are mainly consumed as tea for their benefits.


In a word, Butterfly Pea Flower Tea or Blue Tea has been used in Ayurveda and other traditional sciences for centuries for enhancing memories and cognitive abilities. With every passing day in this modern world, we are learning more about its uses and boons. So why wait any further? Order our best-selling Butterfly Pea Flower Tea and enjoy your sip.

Disclaimer: These benefits have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.  If you are pregnant or have any ongoing health conditions please check with your doctor before consuming any herbal beverages.